Japanese schoolgirl in bus sex toy

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My girlfriend surprises me today with a good massage, she puts on short denim shorts and a top very beautiful black and very sexy. She first takes my back and massages me very well. After she gets on me, with her heels and everything, she was too sexy. She continues to give me a massage and I speak very softly, it excited me that she speaks to me like that. After a good time that I was really relieved, she goes down, she takes off her shorts, pufff she was wearing a thong as sexy as the top, it is dazzling it was a long time that I did not see it like that. And she continues to massage me, when I saw my ass, that I’m going to tell you I already wanted to give him a spanking and to do it right now. She puts herself in front of the mirror to see and I see her, logically after a few seconds she came direct to my cock.


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