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My naughty sister went out dancing in disco with her friends, who are really whores, and they also drank a few beers. When my sister came home, she was incredibly drunk, she did not know where she was standing. That’s why she made a mistake and instead of going to her room, she found herself in my room in the middle of the night. She turned on the light in my room and made a lot of noise when she opened the door, so obviously I woke up. When she woke me up and saw her naked in my room, I got excited and my cock became very hard and I wanted to get into her pussy. I just fell on the bed, I caught her by the hips and I put my cock in it. I fucked her very hard and very good, she had a lot of fun. I buried my cock in her tight pussy, and I left her vagina irritated by every stroke. I did everything to teach her a lesson, but I really think she ended up having fun.


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