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I recently passed a French test where I did not do well. The truth is that I hate the course and usually I have not paid attention to classes and I fall asleep. My father threatened me and told me that if I did not pass this class, I would not take the car anymore and I would be punished. So I had no choice but to put my manikin up to save my freedom. I went to the French teacher’s office and talked to him for a while. I gave him some options to get out of this difficult situation in which I was. We went for a walk and he took me to the Eiffel Tower, then we arrived at his apartment. Do not think we went to study or review classes. There is no way that the story of French enters my head, but the head of his cock came into my pussy and my ass several times, while I screamed like a cat. Now, I will pass the course with 10.


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